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Sugar Bomb Punch®

Sugar Bomb Punch cannabis seeds produce plants adorned with glistening trichomes, creating a frost-like appearance that is irresistibly attractive. This strain is a stellar example of cannabis beauty, boasting impressive cannabinoid-rich trichomes that shimmer with brilliance.

Derived from a genetic lineage comprising THC Bomb, Critical Orange Punch, and Bubba Island Kush, Sugar Bomb Punch showcases a THC content exceeding 20%. This potency results in a profoundly relaxing couch-lock effect, accompanied by densely packed, shining trichome-laden flowers.

As an Indica-dominant strain, Sugar Bomb Punch grows vigorously, resembling a compact heavyweight champion in the cannabis world. Surprisingly, it reaches full bloom in a mere nine weeks, with its leaves darkening as they mature.

Sugar Bomb Punch presents four distinct phenotypes, with the smallest among them deserving special attention. Despite its diminutive size, this phenotype produces extraordinarily dense, moist, and exceptionally potent buds.

Despite their small appearance, the buds of Sugar Bomb Punch pack a punch in terms of yield. What may seem like a modest bud at first glance is more than sufficient for a single joint and can easily satisfy two once ground.


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Dutch Passion




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Extremely High

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9 Weeks

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