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Auto Critical Orange Punch

Auto Critical Orange Punch® is a well-balanced hybrid born from the fusion of Orange Punch and Auto Critical Bilbo, making it an excellent choice for novice cultivators due to its straightforward cultivation process. With an impressive yield achieved in approximately 75 days, this strain delivers a substantial harvest. Known for its abundant resin production, it typically grows to a height ranging from 70 to 100 cm. Renowned for its generous yields, this strain holds great promise for growers. Its flavor profile is reminiscent of skunky and citrus notes akin to Afghan hash, offering a potent and long-lasting euphoria fueled by a high THC concentration. Auto Critical Orange Punch® proudly stands as a distinguished member of the Orange Family.


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Features & Compatibility

Auto Critical Orange Punch, a distinctive autoflowering cannabis strain developed by Dutch Passion, stands out with its fiery orange hues and dense buds that epitomize its exceptional genetics, making it a standout choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

Why choose Auto Critical Orange Punch Autoflower seeds? Auto Critical Orange Punch is the perfect choice for those seeking potency, flavor, and resilience. With its rich flavors, substantial yields, and high THC content, this strain offers a rewarding and satisfying experience that justifies its purchase.

What genetics does Auto Critical Orange Punch possess? Auto Critical Orange Punch inherits its captivating qualities from a unique genetic blend of Orange Punch and an elite skunk with Critical genetics, resulting in a truly exceptional strain.

Effects of Auto Critical Orange Punch: This strain delivers an intense cerebral high owing to its high THC content, accompanied by feelings of euphoria and relaxation, offering a pleasurable sensory experience for users.

Flowering time: Despite its robustness, Auto Critical Orange Punch features a short vegetation period, allowing for swift harvests and making it an ideal choice for those who prefer quick turnaround times.

Yield of Auto Critical Orange Punch: Auto Critical Orange Punch maintains impressive crop yields even under challenging growing conditions, showcasing its reliable adaptability for both professional growers and casual gardeners alike.

Reviews of Auto Critical Orange Punch cannabis seeds: Users consistently praise this strain for its powerful effects and delightful flavors, contributing to its growing popularity among cannabis enthusiasts.

For more information: Dutch Passion provides comprehensive guidance on growing techniques and conditions for Auto Critical Orange Punch, making it a top choice for enthusiasts dedicated to maximizing the unique potential of this exceptional strain.

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Very High

Harvest Time

10 Weeks

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