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UPuper ® 6-inch Rockwool grow blocks are often used in the final stages of cannabis cultivation. It can also be used as planting material for growing cannabis until harvesting or placed as a planting sheet to allow the roots to continue to grow. This potted cultivation method is very popular among hydroponic cannabis growers.

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1. There is enough space for large plants.

2. The wetting agent ensures immediate availability of plant nutrients and the high fiber density allows for better use of water and fertilizer while allowing it to dry out.

3. Grooves can help with drainage. and allowing air to pass in and out into the root system

4. grow blocks are the most sold in the market.

5. Precise planting reduce the time and helps to harvest faster.

6. Automatic production Consistent product performance Suitable environment for growing cannabis This ensures consistent cannabis growth. Convenient management and integrated harvesting

7. The packaging is biodegradable and resistant to UV light for convenient use. and prevent algae formation

8. The planting hole has holes that can fit a starting size of 1.5 inches.

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