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The ECO Pro grow tents from Garden HighPro are of good and sturdy quality. The tents are designed with sturdy and slightly dense 420D Nylon fabric. This ensures a long service life and does not tear easily. Inside, the fabric is highly reflective so you can get the most out of your grow light. The light is reflected in the tent so that the plant can absorb even more light. The bottom of the tent is waterproof and can be removed for washing.

The ceiling is equipped with 2 supporting beams so that you can hang a powerful LED lamp without any problems. Multiple air holes have also been added for both the exhaust and inlet of fresh or used air. At the front you have a door that can be opened completely so that every corner of the tent is easy to reach. Furthermore, the tent is light and airtight and the design prevents unpleasant odors from escaping. From the outside it is not possible to see light shining into the tent. This is important for the plant during the night, because the plant should not be disturbed.

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Garden HighPro


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