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With Garden HighPro filters, you have carbon filters that are made from only the best activated carbon, which is food-grade coconuts. They are lighter, smaller, more efficient and safer than conventional carbon filters. Proactiv filters use only virgin coconut fibers to make activated carbon. This is considered the best activated carbon to eliminate organic odors. Because the activated carbon particles in Proactiv filters are very small (0.4 to 0.8 mm), the neutralizing surface area is much larger compared to traditional carbon filters.

The multi-layer wool mats are hermetically sealed at the base and lid, preventing accidental (unfiltered) air from entering. The wool mat technology drastically reduces the air pressure, so that the air flow is much greater compared to traditional carbon filters. Working with multi-layer wool technology forces users to be more aware of the humidity level in the workspace. At humidity levels above 65% in the workspace, multilayer wool mats achieve a faster dump than conventional carbon filters, where conventional filters lose more efficiency.

Proactiv’s innovative filter base and flange design simplify use and installation. They can be hung directly from their ends without having to surround the filter with chains or straps. Their lighter weight makes them more manageable and comfortable to assemble, which facilitates their installation. The innovative hook system is very practical, as it facilitates anchoring thanks to the two holes at both ends. Apart from the speed and ease of hooking, with this system, they do not lose any suction surface, as with traditional filters, as they do not need fastening straps that surround and partially cover them.

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Garden HighPro


100mm/250m3/h, 125mm/250m3/h, 125mm/460m3/h, 150mm/690m3/h, 200mm/800m3/h, 200mm/1.000m3/h

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