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The Soil Starter Pack from Dutchpro is a comprehensive set of nutrients and additives designed specifically for use in soil-based growing systems. It includes a range of several products that provide essential nutrients and supplements to enhance plant growth and development throughout different stages of the growth cycle.

The Soil Starter Pack includes the following products:

  1. Dutchpro Original Grow: This is a base nutrient formulated to provide the necessary macro and micronutrients for strong root development and healthy plant growth during the vegetative stage.
  2. Dutchpro Original Bloom: This is a base nutrient formulated to provide the necessary macro and micronutrients for healthy plant growth and support flowering and fruiting stages.
  3. Dutchpro Multi Total: This is a plant enhancer that helps improve nutrient uptake, stimulates beneficial microbial activity, and enhances overall plant health.
  4. DutchPro Explode: This is a bloom stimulator that increases flower size, density, and overall yield. It enhances nutrient uptake and supports the plant’s natural processes during the flowering stage.
  5. Dutchpro Take Root: This is a root stimulator that helps establish a strong root system and foundation for nutrient absorption, overall plant development and plant resilience.

The Soil Starter Pack is designed to provide a comprehensive nutrient solution for soil-based growing systems, ensuring plants receive the necessary nutrients and additives to thrive throughout their lifecycle. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced growers aiming to optimize plant health, growth, and yield in soil cultivation.

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