Crazy Hills – SPARK Flowering Stimulant

ntroducing the Ultimate Natural Blend for Robust, Gorgeous Buds

This potent nutrient solution is meticulously crafted to support your plants’ vitality and promote the development of larger, more plentiful buds.

Nutrient-Rich Arctic Algae Blend

SPARK harnesses the power of Arctic algae, teeming with vital nutrients like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and over 60 trace elements. With the addition of cold-pressed seaweed, it facilitates enhanced nutrient absorption, ensuring optimal plant growth.


Crazy Hills

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Features & Compatibility

Plant Hormones for Flourishing Buds

Containing essential and natural plant hormones such as cytokinins, gibberellins, and auxins, SPARK encourages earlier flowering, larger flowers, and robust plant growth. It also improves nutrient uptake, fostering accelerated development.

Stress Tolerance & Plant Health

SPARK bolsters cannabis plant resilience against environmental stressors like drought, heat, cold, and nutrient imbalances, fostering healthier and more robust plants while enhancing nutrient absorption.

Improved Bud Quality and Longevity

SPARK amplifies the size and potency of buds while prolonging their shelf life and freshness. It also fortifies the plant’s immune system to fend off insects and diseases, offering a safe and natural alternative to chemical pesticides.

Compatible with All Cultivation Systems

Versatile and adaptable, SPARK is suitable for use in various cultivation systems, including soil, hydroponics, deep water culture, and more. It seamlessly integrates into different setups, catering to growers of all preferences.

With SPARK, Anticipate:

More abundant and higher-quality yields Accelerated growth rates and reduced bloom phases Enhanced resilience against environmental pressures Larger, superior, and more aesthetically pleasing buds SPARK effortlessly integrates into any cultivation system, be it hydroponics, soil, coco coir, or deep water culture. As the ultimate all-in-one solution, SPARK offers an array of benefits that elevate plant growth, health, and yield, resulting in bigger, better, and more exquisite buds.

We highly recommend pairing SPARK with ELAN for an unparalleled plant growth and flowering experience. With SPARK, you can achieve extraordinary results and savor big, luscious buds like never before.

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Crazy Hills


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