CBD Auto Charlottes

Introducing Dutch Passion’s CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel®, a predominantly sativa strain carefully crafted with medicinal use in mind. This inaugural strain is renowned for its high CBD content and minimal THC levels, making it ideal for therapeutic purposes. Its genetic lineage stems from CBD Charlotte’s Angel and CBD Auto Compassion Lime, resulting in a robust plant reaching a height of around 100cm and offering a generous yield within 70-91 days.

CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel® is specially bred to be entirely medicinal, free from any psychedelic or adverse side effects. With THC levels under 1% and CBD levels reaching 16%, this strain provides a gentle, contented effect without inducing any intoxication. Its flavor profile is characterized by earthy and fruity notes, making the smoking experience pleasant and enjoyable.

Recognized for its excellence, CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel® clinched the prestigious 1st prize in the “CBD” category at the esteemed 2019 Highlife Cup, solidifying its status as a top-quality medicinal strain.


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Features & Compatibility

Discover the remarkable CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel® from Dutch Passion, a superb autoflowering cannabis strain. Boasting high CBD levels and minimal THC, it delivers therapeutic benefits without inducing psychoactive effects.

Why invest in CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel® Autoflower seeds? These seeds ensure a top-tier grow, offering high CBD yields and easy cultivation with strong resilience, suitable for growers of all levels.

What are the genetics of CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel®? This strain inherits its genetics from CBD Charlotte’s Angel and CBD Auto Compassion Lime, blending the renowned Dutch Charlotte variety’s high CBD levels with autoflowering traits for swift and hassle-free growth.

Effects of CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel®: With its high CBD and low THC content, this strain provides relaxing effects without any psychoactive impact, making it a favorite among medicinal users seeking relief from tension and promoting tranquility.

Flowering time: CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel® impresses with its short flowering period, typically maturing in approximately 70 days from germination to harvest, allowing for multiple cycles within a single growing season.

Yield: Despite being autoflowering, CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel® yields generously, with indoor cultivators expecting around 400g/m2 and outdoor growers harvesting up to 100-150 grams per plant.

Reviews: CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel® garners consistent praise for its high CBD content, therapeutic effects, and easy cultivation, establishing itself as a staple in medicinal cannabis cultivation.

For more information: CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel® Autoflower seeds are bred by the award-winning Dutch Passion. Visit the official Dutch Passion website or reputable cannabis seed reviews online for further details about this exceptional strain.

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