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Auto Cinderella Jack

Derived from a lineage including Cinderella 99, Jack Herer, and Magnum, Auto Cinderella Jack® boasts an impressive THC content of nearly 26%, along with a generous yield of 400-500 g/m2. Flourishing in any cultivation environment, this strain matures within 70-77 days. With its medium stature and tight formation, trimming is effortless, while the floral clusters are abundantly coated in frosty white trichomes. Maintaining manageable humidity levels is essential for cultivating this resilient strain. Its flavor profile is delightfully complex, blending piney herbal notes with sweet fruit and citrus undertones. Offering intense and enduring effects, Auto Cinderella Jack® is favored by seasoned users for its physically soothing yet mood-enhancing experience.


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About Auto Cinderella Jack®

Auto Cinderella Jack® by Dutch Passion is a remarkable strain acclaimed for its high THC levels, aromatic bouquet, and robust yields. It’s an autoflowering variety with a supreme genetic pedigree.

Why should I buy Auto Cinderella Jack® Autoflower seeds?

Choosing Auto Cinderella Jack® Autoflower seeds rewards you with high-yield potent buds, fine-tuned flavors, and uncomplicated growth requirements. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned grower, it’s an investment promising significant returns.

Auto Cinderella Jack® from Dutch Passion is a highly praised strain known for its potent THC levels, aromatic profile, and robust yields. As an autoflowering variety, it boasts a superior genetic lineage.

Why invest in Auto Cinderella Jack® Autoflower seeds? Opting for Auto Cinderella Jack® Autoflower seeds ensures high-yield buds with refined flavors and straightforward growth requirements. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced grower, this investment promises substantial rewards.

What genetics are in Auto Cinderella Jack®? Auto Cinderella Jack® inherits its superior genetics from Cinderella 99, Jack Herer, and Magnum, guaranteeing vigorous growth and exceptionally high THC levels.

Effects of Auto Cinderella Jack®: Users of Auto Cinderella Jack® enjoy a potent, uplifting, and long-lasting high. Its high THC content provides a clear-headed buzz, fostering creativity and focus.

Flowering time: Auto Cinderella Jack® has a rapid growth cycle, typically entering the flowering stage within 7 to 9 weeks, irrespective of light cycles.

Yield: Despite being an autoflowering strain, Auto Cinderella Jack® delivers impressive yields of dense, resinous buds, even in limited spaces.

Reviews: Highly rated by users, Auto Cinderella Jack® is praised for its ease of cultivation and abundant harvests. Its potent THC content and profound effects make it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

For more information: Auto Cinderella Jack® seeds offer growers a quick turnaround, with easy cultivation, exceptional yields, and some of the most potent autoflower variety buds available today.

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10-11 Weeks

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