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ÉLAN stands as the pinnacle of plant enhancement, delivering all essential elements for robust growth and remarkable outcomes. Specifically crafted for cannabis plants, it elevates nutrient absorption, fosters root and overall plant development, and amplifies the quality, potency, and yield, resulting in an exquisite taste and aroma.


Crazy Hills

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Features & Compatibility

Whether used independently or in conjunction with other Crazy Hills products or existing nutrient regimes, ELAN promises even more astonishing results!

Premium Comprehensive Solution

ELAN consolidates vital nutrients, growth stimulants, and more, establishing itself as one of the most comprehensive boosters available for all cultivation methods.

From Root to Bud Vitality with Enhanced Nutrient Uptake

ELAN offers a full-spectrum energy surge from roots to delectable buds. Its potent fusion, featuring cold-pressed seaweed, amino acids, fulvic acids, humic acids, vitamins, and micronutrients, augments nutrient absorption for optimal plant development.

Root Health & Growth Acceleration

Functioning as a root stimulant, ELAN expedites growth and flowering while enhancing vitality, resulting in organically rich flavors and aromas.

Elevated Taste & Aroma

ELAN enriches taste and aroma, delivering tantalizing flavors through organic cultivation.

Versatile Application

Adaptable to various cultivation techniques, ELAN complements both organic and mineral-based regimens.

Unleash the Potential

Experience the magic of ELAN as it unleashes your plants’ true potential, fostering remarkable growth and superior taste.

Ideal for All Plants, Including Mother Plants

Expertly formulated to meet the heightened energy requirements of all plants, including those used by growers, breeders, and clone makers, ELAN provides essential vitality for propagation and robust health maintenance.

Expectations with ELAN:

Terpene-rich buds with enhanced aroma and flavor Accelerated root development and healthier plants across all growth stages Improved nutrient absorption and heightened resistance to pests and diseases Enhanced response to environmental stressors Optimized effects of other fertilizers and biostimulants Vibrant and healthy plants with essential enzyme functions ELAN emerges as the ultimate all-in-one plant booster, furnishing everything your plants require to flourish, thrive, and yield terpene-rich buds. It’s the perfect enhancement for any cultivation regimen.

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Crazy Hills


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