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CLONEX is the ultimate rooting compound that is widely used by professionals and amateurs around the world. This bright, translucent gel contains a high-performance blend of hormones, vitamins, and mineral nutrients that promote root cell development and protect delicate new root tissue.

As a high-performance rooting compound, CLONEX is a tenacious gel that adheres to the stem, creating a seal around the cut tissue and providing the necessary hormones and vitamins for optimal root growth. This gel formulation ensures that it will remain in contact around the stem throughout the rooting period, promoting explosive root development.

By sealing the cut tissue instantly, CLONEX eliminates the risk of infection or embolism, ensuring the successful growth of new roots. With a full profile of nutrients and trace elements, CLONEX also provides nourishment and empowerment for new plants during their critical formative stages.

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